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Dangerous triangles: attack when you least suspect

Imagine the scene. You're sitting minding your own business. Possibly at work, or even worse, in your own home. Without warning, you're hit in the face by the most dangerous of shapes...the triangle. We all know the triangles' most widely lauded achievement, being the strongest of all shapes, but we have never been made aware of its potential dangers. What could make this scene worse? Only one of two things. Firstly, the triangle shaped object is, i say with horror, an unsuspecting flapjack that has been negligently cut into the shape of a deadly weapon. Secondly, it has been allowed to become airborne in the most vulnerable of situations, the school lunch break

I call on all DJ readers to boycott the shape that has suddenly taken a sinister turn to the dark side. It appears that we now cannot even send our children to school safe in the knowledge that the teachers are aware of the dangers of the shape in question. 

I don't want to sensationalise this story too much...but wont somebody please think of the children?!?