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Q15: Management of Criticism

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This is the last question of the series, thank you to all candidates for taking the time to answer DJ's questions. I will be publishing a wrap-up blog post in the coming days. Thanks for reading everyone!

Question 15

If Leicestershire Police faces public criticism for how it deals with a particular incident, how would you deal with that?

Mr Suleman Nagdi said

It is natural that Leicestershire Police will face public criticism in the future as it has done so in the past because it is impossible to satisfy the needs of all individuals or organisations to an extent to which the police force is beyond criticism. Some of this criticism will be unjustified whilst some criticism will be relevant and correct. In all cases, it is my intention to review each case on its own individual merits and analyse whether anything could have been done better or differently and in instances where it is clear that indeed things could have been differently then I will make sure that structures are put in place to ensure that mistakes are not repeated.

Cllr Sarah Russell said

It depends on the incident and how it has been handled – in the same way I can currently be publicly required to comment when the Council faces criticism on an issue within my portfolio – I find out as much information as possible and recognise where changes could be made for a future similar situation and where it is beyond control.  I think it is important that the Chief Constable handles queries about named officers or operational specifics.

Sir Clive Loader said

Firstly, I would use proper and agreed systems to find out exactly what had actually happened.  Then, depending upon the results of that investigation, I would support wholeheartedly the Police if they have acted professionally, fairly and to the very best of their ability in situations that are often stressful and require split-second decisions.  Or, should the criticism be found to be valid, I would expect to see any members of the Force whose actions are found to have fallen short of what the public would rightfully expect brought to account in an appropriate way.  That seems to me to be fair.

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